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We’re serious about speed


Speed, security and reliability are what you need from your broadband connection, especially in business. We know our customers are all different and have diverse requirements. We offer a wide range of guaranteed speeds & services to suit them all.

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Ultrafast speeds

We only provide ultrafast connectivity from day one, we understand you need synchronous connectivity to operate efficiently.

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Full Fibre Connectivity

There’s no stopping at the street cabinet for us, we bring full fibre optic cabling right to your business.

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Hassle Free Installation

If we're not already installed in your building we'll be there before you know it and our engineers ensure a quick speedy handover.

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Guaranteed Speeds

We provide a connection with symmetrical download/upload speeds which means no bottlenecks or buffering.

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Our Service

  • Flexible hyperfast speeds from 100Mbps to 1Gbps and up to 10Gbps if required*
  • ISP market leading price points for bandwidth
  • 24/7/365 Technical support
  • Initial professional site survey included to confirm WiFi and Ethernet wall point requirements
  • Upgrade in less than 60 seconds to faster speeds when your business needs it
*Higher 10 Gbps speeds are available in most buildings.